While it's temping to jump in and click buttons that seem like a good idea, please try an unmodified copy first! The standard setup is the result of careful thought and deliberation, and I hope you'll give those decisions a chance before choosing to go your own way. If you end up not liking something later, the patches won't be going anywhere! This is particularly good advice if you haven't played Sonic 3 Complete before, but even if you have, please give new features a chance before turning them off. Thanks.

Version: 120402
Other versions: 130810, 110706, 101226

Several music and layout options have been moved to in-game menus and are omitted from this customiser. All options are still available, either here or in-game.

Music Selection
Play during Sonic/Tails’ Ending
Play during Knuckles’ Ending
Super and Hyper transformation music

Play during Sonic/Tails’ Credits
Play during Knuckles’ Credits
Hidden Palace
Kickin’ it Oldschool
Player sprite style
Sonic sprite colours

Move set
Other Options
Super Forms and Double Jumps
Bonus Stage Selection (Complete mode)
Slot Machine Continues
Monitor behaviour
Knuckles’ main colours
Launch Base
Flying Battery icon
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